About Liz

Having immigrated to Australia from South Africa 14 years ago, I respond strongly to seeing the freedom that is experienced as the norm in Australia. People lying on the beach, soaking up the sun or enjoying a swim in the sea without any fear for their personal safety. This is how life should be lived. I used to live in a country where looking over your shoulder and never letting your guard down, holding yourself in a state of anxiety becomes normal. I equate coming to Australia with losing a huge amount of weight, not really having been aware of just how much weight you were carrying until you have shed the weight and you can now run and jump for joy. For me a successful painting is one that conveys this delightful abandon, for the viewer to be reminded of the simple freedoms that we are so blessed to enjoy.


My painting style is realistic, however I do like to see the movement of the brush through the paint. I especially like to work on board and paint ‘all prima’, I strive to use a minimal amount of brush strokes, to put down a colour and a stroke as a direct response. I like to see the paint mix on the board, as one colour swoops over another in a loose and expressive style reflective of the transient moment in time that I am trying to capture.